A dermatologic skin disease that will cost you a lot of creams and itchiness for a few years.
The worst. I am 10 years old and have had it on my middle finger for almost a year. It keeps spreading. It took over half my face. Not contagious, but tends to spread all over the body if not properly treated.
Eczema is the worst. Make sure your skin is hydrated, or you will look like a raisin.
by Shroomdom January 14, 2020
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A condition that by any other name would by bloody itchy disease of pain.
Me: Dammit I hate eczema.

Person 1: What the hell is that and is it contagious?

Me: It is something I was born with.

Person 1: Well is it contagious?

Me: Don't be retarded no.
by Cabbages family November 9, 2009
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A disease that i got which makes people go crazy about you and stay away from you because it "looks" contagious. If i touch someone they think they have it when it is really nothing. But what it actually is caused by is an inflammation of the epidermis. Also what makes it sucks is that its unbearably itchy.
Example 1:

Person 1: Ryan got a horrible case of eczema.

Person 2: I know. I wouldn't go near him, it looks contagious.

Example 2

Me: Hey Keenan what's up?

Keenan: Don't touch me!!!!!
by Assualt train 92 May 27, 2009
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The biggest bitch on the entire planet where you can't stop scratching yourself to death in god knows how many spots in a relentless and long-lasting way and it always comes back! Leaves red bleeding and itchy patches in all sorts of spots. Seriously, sometimes it feels like you want to scratch all your skin off to the point of where your a skeleton, it's that bloody bad!
I hate eczema it's such a bitch!
by LordJenal May 18, 2022
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(Verb) Eczema any part of your skin that looks like rashes and may or may not itch. also, may or may not chop your skin.(Eczema can be easy to take off I know cuz I had. use Toothpaste, Dove soap, Eczema lotion, and vaseline) Eczema can get worse and worse the more you don't use the tips.Eczema Looks like alligator skin, Eczema may and may not come from your family members who has asthma.
1.Doctor: You have a serious case of eczema.

2.Kid: Whats eczema

3.Doctor: A general term that describes inflammation of the skin.

4. Kid: English please?

5.That is English... you know what let me make it easy for you. Coin-shaped rashes or sores. :)

6. Kid: Ohhhh
by tatalala March 27, 2017
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From the word eczema, eczemaic means "of eczema."
Be sure to moisturize immediately after stepping out of the shower, especially if your skin is eczemaic.
by Kass November 18, 2004
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olly has it after smoking sheisha
A:What is that on your face?
A:Why do you have it?
B:I smoked sheisha and had a bad reaction
A:no i have eczema what is THAT??
B:i dont know i cant spell and my head hurts because the spots are on it.
A;so its Acne
B:i suppose
by the father of pindia July 25, 2006
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