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Being fucking stupid and not wanting to go into your goddamn house because your afraid of it. But fuck it you would rather sleep on the mother fucking side of the mother fucking road because your scared of your house. Oh you want food, FUCK NO you would rather get gum off the streets and eat that all day. Want something to drink, better go to the nearest man hole cause your FUCKING afraid of a house.
I have an ecophobia I have been living the streets ever since it started. I just can't go inside.
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by J0m0than November 03, 2018
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The fear of being inside or near a house.
Kid 1: Me and my parents just moved into a new house, do you want to come over and have a look around?

Kid 2: HELL NO! That house might fall on me! Dont you know I have Ecophobia! I live in a box for god sake!
by whythistime July 02, 2011
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