A True Compton City gangsta, but its actually spelled Eazy-E :P
Easy-E was one of the best rappers ever, but just because he hated on Dr. Dre and Death Row doesnt make them bad either.
by Dre Day July 22, 2006
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80"s legendary dope dealing rapper. Sadly died of aids, :(
Easy-E is dope man !!
by ........ November 18, 2003
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A Member of the B Block Army (BBA) College Hall, Knighton Road, Leicester
Quote from Easy-E "I'm Unconscious!" ---When clearly he's not!
by Ian Robinson February 14, 2005
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the muphukkin easy e from the streets of compton, a legend, was one of the realest niggaz that got the hood an gangsta rap noticed, if it were'nt for easy there'd be no 50, game or jay z.
Easy E, eric wright the greatest, rest in piece nigga
by King of the SouthWest May 19, 2005
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It's spelt Eazy E you retards.
This better get published or i'm gonna bash youre head in with my louisville slugger

person #1:yo, lets go listen to some easy e .

Person #2:Ya man eazy is the shizznat
by Hymen July 11, 2006
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easy e was a gangsta rapper from compton,clifornia.he was with a groug called n.w.a for a while but they broke up due to bitch assness.he died from aids,but he will always be rememberd as a leader in the rap movment.when you think of him remember this quote "im Easy e i got bitches galore,you might have alot of bitches,but i have much more"
yo u wanna go listen tosome easy e.

no i would much rather listen to some kenny chesney

ur gay

i know *sighs*
by EAT THE PIE NOW! December 24, 2008
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girls from academy of st. elizabeth high school in NJ that are easy to hook up and get with because they are just easy e's or easy elizabeths.
damnn sonn look at that easy e's she got like hiv and shit....
by ne fait pas May 24, 2005
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