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A common expression in the US military, particularly the Navy. Meaning: 'this is a piece of cake; What we are about to do will be easy.' In reality what you are about to do might be a huge pain in the ass, but its time to grow the fuck up and motivate yourself to get it done fast. This is real shit and no other definition matters, period.
GMC: " I need maintenance checks today on all four 25mm weapons mounts, and make sure that fucking 5 inch gets a barrel swab"

GM1: "aye chief, heard him boys, let's go let's do this *claps hands* easy day !"
by Omega_College_Dog January 06, 2017
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The day when girls get even sluttier on Halloween and it's used as an excuse. It happens every year and it's an obvious giveaway that you can pick up in a matter of minutes.
Dude 1: Hey, I heard that Walgreens are having all condoms at low price on Halloween. Why's that?
Dude 2: It's because it's Easy Day and the girls will be looking hot that night, it's the all you can eat buffet for men.
by FreshUrkel7 October 02, 2014
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