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It's an upper-middle class highschool. Not much personality in the minds there. Much wealth. Mindless goones. Nice cars. Many drugs. Smack dab in the middle of suburbia. Consists of about 12 black people and around 2500 of the whitest brats you will ever meet.
Those kids down at Eastlake all got bored one day and realized daddy's money buys crack-cocaine. Enter the new best friend for Mr. Stienberger.
by Brandon T. May 12, 2005
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A high school full of rich kids that think they're considered rednecks because they only wear camouflage clothing and boots. Most of them waste all their parent's money on dip and cigarettes that they only use in school's parking lot for the attention. On the weekends these fake rednecks take their brand new trucks out mudding and don't even bother to wash them afterwards so that they look "cool" when they roll into school on Monday.

Person 1: Look at that wannabe redneck smoking over there, so cool...

Person 2: Where? I can't see him.

Person 1: Oh it must be because he is wearing that fashionable camo jacket.

Person 2: Maybe he is going hunting.

Person 1: Yeah hunting the incoming freshmen girls.

Person 2: They'll never see him coming.
by not an el slop June 12, 2013
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A high school located on the Sammamish plateau, a suburb of Seattle.
A wealthy area where most kids are either stuck-up preps or wannabe gangstas.
There are a select few of acceptable people.
"All those kids from Eastlake High School are hanging out in the Safeway parking lot. Idiots. Oh, well, there's nowhere else to go. Meet you there!"
"Those kids from Eastlake High School are always so fuckin' annoying."
by kiddie December 15, 2004
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A bullshit high school located in the eastern portion of Chula Vista, California in San Diego County. The school is surrounded by an upper middle class suburb. It is supposed to be one of the best high schools academically. Many of the students who attend this school are considered "posers", "wannabees", & "sociales" who lack any street cred and bite off the Bay Area's "Hyphy" scene. The students at this school volunteer their homes for scandolous house parties with bullshit party crews where desperate horny 21+ putos party with little underage teenage girls & post their videos on You Tube so everyone can let them know how full of shit they are. These putos also tend to pay for overpriced clothing brands such as G-Unit, Roc-a-Fella, Sean John, Famous Stars & Straps, Vans, DC, Volcom, etc. and wear everything 3 sizes bigger so they can look all hardcore when in fact, they look more like a bunch of minstrels who enforce bad stereotypes upon African-American & Mexicans, while setting them back 50 years in progress. Every kid & their momma has an I-Phone, a Sidekick, and an Ipod because they are fuckin spoiled. It is also known for its scandolous reputation such as the "Nymphomanicas" who were an unofficial school club who initiated their members by having them engage in a threesome with two members of the opposite sex, drinking a 40, & sporting tattoos with the letters - "NFL" which stood for "Nymphos For Life". Academically, the school has developed a bad rep for having a shitty administration, including having 2 shitty principals (the previous one an asshole - "El Superman" & the current one a pussy who lacks the balls to do his job). They swear they are so "ghetto" & "cool" when they are softer than a Hallmark Card and stupid assholes like "Johnny Gayon" sit next to you in class.
Eastlake High School is just a giant facade.
by Cab_Zapata January 18, 2008
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A conglomeration of prissy white kids (and 15 blacks), who argue about who's dad has the most money because some day they hope to mooch of their parents estate. Also home of the Smooth Father.
Those kids at East lake High School better stop vaping in the bathrooms. -Mr. Tuscani
by Tennyson Weiss December 09, 2017
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High school in Tarpon Springs, Florida where the negroes are the negroest, the wiggers are the wiggerest and the jews are the jewiest. Also home of many JAPS and fat banana republican wearing white girls.
Those East Lake High Niggas are a bunch of trill ass punks that will get hot on yo ass if you tryin to beef.
by Roberto Jones May 05, 2005
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