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eastern ave. boyz is a neiborhood gang from the east side of worcester they are known for thier bad ways and moving like a brother hood thier main rivals includ kilby st. posse, g-block,loyalty trust(Lt),vice lords,vernon team,pretty boyz,ykp,and most of main south.their alies include P.v.e.,Prov. st. posse,Mob otl,young mafia (ym),and other east side gangs. they also have a girl virgin call E.A.G. Eastern Ave. girz even know the girz dont have alot of people they are a strong gang and probly have up to 20 to 30 people in their set or gang most people think that they are pve bcuz of how close they are. you can I.D. them by black and white bandanas or sneakers.
main south-crystal park,kilby
st.,lakeside apt.
7 hills-eastside
dem city boyz-pve
my boyz-Eastern ave. boyz
roll deep- lots of people
fair ones-one on one fight
blue boys-cops
hot box-attracting police
soowoo- eastern ave. call
by puy April 25, 2009
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