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First, Fasten something such as a rope or harness from the ceiling, tree, ect.. After prolonged fucking perform the Earl Swirl. Place your bitch on her back with her flappy oven mitt exposed.This will give you a target. Attach your hands, feet and neck to the above rope, leaving you in the "L" shape or Ghandi style position (your choice). Have your slut-whore suck you to your ready to come, then lay her back down. Place your nuts in her mouth till you start to cum, and have her spin your around with a motion similiar to the price is rights' wheel. Your balls will spin around in her mouth and skeet with shoot for a full 360 degree rotation.
Last night I did the Earl's Swirl, and the bitch locked in on my nuts and the twisted up like a threaded bolt. Fuck that bitch.
by Earl the Swirl May 30, 2007
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