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To wear a diamond earing.Not an EARING..
Mark:Hey Mike, you think buying my lady earbling is kinda rude cause its for guys

Mike:Not really, hey wait i dont even care you douche
by ColdFlamezMike March 03, 2010
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I person that wears their Bluetooth ear piece all the time. It’s especially “dorky” when it’s highly unlikely that he/she will need to take a call. The perception is that it makes you look "important" but actually will coin you as a "geek" or "looser".
"Damm Zike was wearing that ear bling during his kids little league game and looked like a total looser"

“My man is sportin the "ear bling" trying to look like "Chief Chump" as Billiam Gates supernerd sidekick”
by Mr. Doobie May 16, 2008
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