An act of foreplay that feels extremely good in a weird way
Guy 1: Yesterday my girlfriend did something extremely sexy.
Guy 2: What did she do?
Guy 1: Oh, just ear biting.
by Mick12 January 10, 2012
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Ear biting a fun little activity when a person nibbles gentally on another's ear. Causing a weird sensation.
Brad: Woah I experienced something new last night.
Chad: what was it dude?

Brad: she was nibbling on my ear, like Ear Biting
by swootyswoot December 28, 2019
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Used to describe a person's actions, usually under the influence of drugs (most likely a stimulant such as coke or meth) consisting of mouth &/or jaw (& possibly their neck) movement trying to bite their own ear(s). This is usually unbeknownst to the individual, like a twitch or nervous gesture. Drugs are commonly the reason for this awkward quirk. They are often uncomfortable in crowds or social settings.
Yup, he's on drugs, I can tell from that ear bite he's got going on. He's an ear biter for sure!
by Dog Pound 420 November 15, 2020
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