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The shorter hairs in front of the ears that don't get pulled back into a ponytail, but instead are tucked behind the ears. Often, these hairs do not grow longer than a few inches and remain ear bangs throughout a person's life.
"Not all of my hair will go back into a ponytail, so I'm left in ear bangs to tuck"
by Marigold77 February 20, 2009
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Talking someone's ear off after fully explaining your point of view.
Girlfriend: "Why did you do that?"
Boyfriend: "I'm sorry I did that."
Girlfriend: "I can't believe you did that! What is wrong with you? You know, if I did something like th--"
Boyfriend: "Bitch, stop ear-banging me, I said I was sorry!!"
by Earbanger January 19, 2010
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