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ESDF is a configurable movement control scheme used in video games that require a player to control a character within a 3D world from a first- or third-person perspective. It is most often used with a player's left hand, due to its location on the left side of the keyboard. It is often used as a more efficient alternative to the more popular WASD key configuration.

Advantages of ESDF over WASD:

1. Three extra keys on the left (Q, A and Z) are now available to a player, which can allow ease of access to a greater range of abilities or commands. The inherent problem with WASD is that it's closer to what's comparable to the "wall" on the left side of a keyboard. The left hand's access to extra commands on the left are reduced, due to there being an excess of unused "blank" space where no keys are located. With ESDF, players still have easy access to the left-most keys on the keyboard, such as Shift, Ctrl, Caps Lock, Tab, and ` (Tilde), while still adding a number of extra keys to bind to various commands.

2. For games that commonly use the number keys and function keys (F1-F12) as commands (such as switching weapons in a shooting game, or casting abilities and spells in an MMO), the hand is now further down the keyboard, which allows access to more of these keys.

3. The left hand is always on the home row, with the index finger on the F key, which in most standard keyboards is the location of the left-hand home row marker. Not only does it allow for a more comfortable and familiar hand position, this allows for faster switching from movement to communication, as the left hand is already on the common home typing position.

Disadvantages of ESDF over WASD:

1. The left hand is now further from the left-most keys on the keyboard. The issue is not as noticeable when it comes to the Tab, Caps Lock and Shift keys, due to their size. In particular, the Ctrl key, most commonly used by the pinky finger, is more difficult to reach due to its small size and distance from the home row, and the Alt key, most commonly used by the thumb, is more difficult to reach due to the thumb having to stretch a greater distance under the palm of the hand to access.

2. The WASD-using sheep you just fukken raep'd will accuse you of uber hax and tell you to get a life since you're so pro at being pro and not being sheep.
WASD User: "omfg wtf haxx!!1"
ESDF User: "ESDF, bitches."
by FluffyBearLina July 17, 2009
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Superior to the more commonly used keys "wasd". The ESDF keys gives the player more bottons to the left of the hand thus resulting in total FPS game ownage.
Arrow keys - son of a noob
WASD - Boo urns
ESDF - You're gosu
by Jason Xu August 29, 2003
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Shitty key combination that "LEET HARDCORE!1!!" gamers think is better than WASD. In rality, they're a bunch of elitist pricks.
*shot in face*
WASD user: "Just shut the fuck up already!"
by WASDAndProud March 20, 2011
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