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The least charming aspect from those charmless fuckers at New Deal.

Whenever you get an increase in your benefits, be it when you're placed on a six month course or turn 25, you will receive one of these in the mail. It states that you didn't apply for one of the shitty jobs they gave you without your consent three months ago (every time), and that if you do not explain why, you will have that hard earned £20 extra taken from you.

Basically, they hope you get so pissed off you write "Fuck you" on the slip, at which point they'll cancel your claim.
"Why did you not apply for a job that is three hours travel for you with a wage that does not cover travel expenses? We want our money back, just because we're a bunch of wankers who can't do our jobs properly, so should be in your place."
by OD Smith April 15, 2005
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