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A (failed) forced meme from /b/, deriving from the phrase "epic win" by combining the 1st and last 2 letters from the phrase.
OP: She EPIN /b/

Fag1: wtf is epin?
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The newest faggotry to come out of 4chan. This is the prime example of a forced meme made by unfunny newfags and the only appropriate response is "SAGE GOES IN ALL FIELDS"
1. This chick is EPIN


by anonymous900020021 June 07, 2009
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The object/source of a troll. The word in itself was generated by trolls to further define the trolling experience. The word is mainly used by packs of trolls as opposed to solo spam artists. It has its roots in the /b/ section of 4chan and was created by newfags May, 2009 and was a poor attempt at creating a forced meme.

It is often used in regards to the relative annoyance/irrelevance of a post on a forum or message board. It also serves as a sort of compliment or acknowledgment for the time and energy put into wasting other peoples time.

It has been said by oldfags that it has become the cancer upon which /b/ will end.
"Egg girl is epin"
"Epin win"
"This thread is epin"
by lionusluther69 June 07, 2009
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It means "epic win" you fucking newfags.
/b/: This chick is so epin, check her out!

fucking newfags: OMG WHAT DUS EPIN MEEN?
by alloftheold June 06, 2009
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Epic Win.

Used mostly on forum sites. An easier way to say epic win without having to type it out.
Marcus: Dude, I just saw the new Transformers movie.

Stevie: Well, how was it?

Marcus: It was Epin!
by EndlesslyMarcus June 07, 2009
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