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To cybertronically avoid a person by blocking them on Facebook, Messenger or other social networking or cybertronic methods of communication because they are anoying, strange, always want to talk or just because you just dont really like them but dont want to delete them because then you'll have 299 friends, not 300.
Tarquin: Gee Willikers, Rupert is so monotonous he always messages me on MSN about the most boring things, im going to E-void him from now on.

Tyrell: Shit son, Shyronda aint been on no Facebook for a long time, i think bitch be E-voiding me!

Geoff: Im really not very fond of Jerome, I find him to be most unfamiliar. I have henceforth decided to E-void him by giving him limited profile on Facebook. I'd delete him but then Edward would have more friends than me and thats just not acceptable...

Jenny: Who's this weirdo from school thats added me on MSN? Im going to E-void him like the plague.
by Collett88 September 24, 2009
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