The common practice of scan-reading your email messages. E-glancing has become more prominent due to workload and time constraints. E-glancing is facilitated by the growing popularity of PDA type devices where emails are received out of the office environment. In such circumstances,  ‘E-glancing' assures a prompt response and efficient time management for busy professionals.

E-glancing also incorporates a function whereby (when reading an email) only the first few sentences of the email are actually studied by the receiver. As a result of E-glancing, emails in the business environment have become less wordy and exhibit direct evidence when calling for action i.e. incorporation of bullet points and numbering rather than long-winded explanations of entire scenarios.
Busy professionals have unwittingly developed a technique known as e-glancing to ensure they can identify critical tasks (outlined by an inundation of electronic media) in a shorter time-frame, thus rendering their response with greater efficacy.
by elmaz_concepts December 5, 2010
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