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E-Chop (verb) – an electronic version of Throat Chop, meaning to reject, deny or break up with someone using electronic communication, including (but not limited to) Email, SMS, MMS, instant messenger, Skype, facebook, blog, morse code. Generally practised when the E-Chopper:

(i) does not have the balls to do it in person;

(ii) for whatever reason, doesn’t think the recipient is worthy of an ‘in person’ Throat Chop; or

(iii) is a mute and has difficulty communicating otherwise.
So I heard Dalton gave that wench an E-Chop today. I hope she checks her email before she sees him getting jiggy tonight!
by rangerdiko September 30, 2009
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The electronic version of a chop, or spin. Where a chop is a mixture of tobacco and weed, an e-chop is a mixture of the and nicotine achieved through a dab pen and an e-cigarette, usually a Juul
Bro do you want to take an E-chop?

Hell yeah man!
by Bitchell2022 September 23, 2018
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