1,1,1,Trichloroethane, a chemical solvent once found in many aerosols, and it once was found in Scotch Guard..."E(h)" comes from the "eah" sound in the word "Trichloroethane" (Trichloro***e**thane)...E(h) was a fan favorite among Pacifc Northwest gas huffers in the early nineties...
Huffing this E(h) shit puts me in a goddamn Dreamworld
by Uncle Beasley April 3, 2006
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weidehuang more like weidehuang
weid e h uang is wede
by KLLHYSBDBBSED+ April 22, 2021
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F o r e h e a d is an acronym used when complimenting someone's hoodie. F o r e h e a d stands for
For real?
OMG! what a
Radiant and


Hoodie! My
are blessed.
Person 1: I just bought this hood yesterday. What do you think?

Person 2: Damn F o r e h e a d bro. I love it.
by Hoodie123456789 November 8, 2020
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A slang version of H-e double hockey sticks, the ever-popular PG version of Hell.
*Kindergartener throws box of crayons across the room.*
Teacher: "Now who the H-e-dubs did that?"
by Shaniqua Squared March 29, 2015
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They best damn grocery store in the country. Only found in Texas with over 340 stores (Including a couple stores in Mexico). People come here in time of crisis and everything else for your daily needs. They treat all HEB partners(Employees) like Gold and we also sell the best tortillas (;
"No store does more than your H-E-B, where you'll find great prices, brands, quality & selection"
by Bhimjo1 February 25, 2021
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dopest place ever.

only in texas though.


i know your jealous.
you - aye. im bored.

me - yo. lets hit up the H-E-B in h-town. na mean?

you - oh fu sho, mayynee.
by 713281832 June 30, 2008
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bang pd is my qualified sugar daddy and oppar,while Gordon Ramsay is my side hoe.
Gordon Ramsay is a side dish,meaning he’s my side h*e.
Bang Pd is the main course.
by moomoo imma cow August 21, 2019
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