Ann old bike brand, great when accompanied with black mags, that was bought out by GT.
Pedal down the foot hills
Wheelies on the front
P-p-pedal down the foot hills
Wheelies on the front
I'm on the dyno with the black mags
Black mags,
Dyno with the black mags, black mags
Black mags...
by wetdickallnight August 7, 2009
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a machine used to measure the ACTUAL horsepower of a vehicle. a machine most "Ricers" are afraid of.
yo that Ricer swore he had 500hp. but when i PAID for him to put it on the DYNO he soon found out it only had 132hp. Guess all the stickers didnt make a damn bit of difference.
by Jason McKinney October 8, 2003
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Dyno” is a term that originated from rock climbing. A “dyno” describes a move in which a rock climber vertically jumps or propels themselves from one rock hold to another. It is always viewed as an impressive feat for any climber.
Did you just see that girl pull of that dyno on the boulder wall? She’s only 9 years old!
by Csal May 5, 2011
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a hairy man who women throw themselves on. He is usually great at sports such as European Handball, and he is a great NHL player. He also has an addiction to tobacco and skoal, and prefers the wintergreen. He like baloon animals and long walks on the beach. also has a half chinstrap
Have u seen the dyno i need a lip
by Jesus Gags October 25, 2010
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an automotive instrument used to meausure car power levels, rev limits and overall estimated outputs
i put my rice burner on the dyno
it has an estimated 6.55 horsepower
by slick rick September 27, 2003
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Adjective - 1) For a member of the opposite sex to be ridiculously attractive both physically and sexually.

Adjective - 2) for a party to receive a positive outcome from the result of loss or gain. This outcome is usually expected to be ridiculously good

History: amounted from greek word "dino" which originally meant "terrible", later to reviewed and amended to "Dyno" (description given above) in the early 20th century
Ex (1) : She's Dyno!

Ex (2): Steve Just left... Thats Dyno!
Ex (3): We are having pizza tonight.....Thats Dyno!
by Staunch Cunt June 17, 2009
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(Adjective) A word that originated in the climbing community meaning awesome, kickass, or otherwise positive. Can be used to refer to anything but is usually referring to a particular event or action.
Yo bro, did you see that episode last night

Yeah bro, that episode was so dyno.


Dude that bouldering problem is most dyno.
by jfw04 July 2, 2011
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