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A pretty girl that is tall and shy. Once you get to know her she is funny and loves to sarcastic. She is usually dark with small round chubby lips. She is kind and loves to dance.She if you are a close friend or even family she will stick up for you. She makes a great friend and sister.
Person: Wow you have very nice sister what’s her name
Me: Dynisty
by Jmb120206 September 25, 2018
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a slut that sucks a lot of dick. extremely unattractive. cannot keep a relationship.
ewww dynisty is nasty
by kvig03 October 10, 2016
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A extremely hot girl with a big ass and nice tits and pretty eyes.
If you get her don't let her go because she's sexy as hell.
She's like a drug you get so addicted to her
by Jammie nash June 21, 2018
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