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He's that guy who leaves you speachless every second of the day. He's someone you would be crazy to let go. He cares about his girl with all his heart and treats her like she's the rarest flower in the universe. He protects her and treasures her with all hs heart. He is truely that guy who will make you laugh till you pee your pants, squeal with happiness cause he is the one who knows all your "tickle spots" ;) and make it seem like you are the only ones on Earth. If you are sad then he's sad and will hold u close till all your worries are gone. If you are happy then he's happy. He goes out of his way to make you smile 24/7. He's the guy who wants to talk to you all the time and knows that he can come to you about anything and everything. He's always there to talk to and make you feel better no matter what is wrong. He's that guy who you have everything in common with and you practically read each other's minds. He's never angry with you and he never argues with you because there never is anything to argue about. He's funny, sexy, smart, supportive, makes you feel like your beautiful, caring, amazing, a talented muscian, and perfect in every way. He loves all the good things about you plus all the things that either go unnoticed or unwanted. He supports you through everything and would do anything to make your dreams come true. He's that guy that you love so much you can't even describe it or how happy he makes you feel. He is that someone who is your everything.
Dylan Paul Johnston is my sun, moon, stars, Earth, air... well... you might as well just say he is my universe.
by DPJ+KEK<3 February 15, 2012
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