A relationship involving exactly two people. The most accepted form of romantic relationship in most Western countries is a monogamous dyad.

Often used in the poly communities to refer specifically to two people within a poly relationship or to distinguish between specific branches of a multi-person relationship network.
John and Mary are dating. They are in a dyad relationship
by Joreth April 9, 2010
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It’s likely a political necessity that will never happen. Because is the person I vote for doesn’t win then I’m not being represented.
Iam “What do I mean by Electoral Dyad? Well, before every election, there are precursory elections between members of the same political party. In the Electoral Dyad, the winner of this election would be the representative. And now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘But Iam, if we did that, there would be two winners in every election cycle.’ Exactly. Electoral Dyad. There would be no ancillary election. Both parties would have a candidate who won. They would govern together. You could say that they wouldn’t get anything done BUT the shouldn’t be doing anything in the first place. Blam! Politics solved. Greatest mind who has ever lived. Better than capitalism. Wooo! *imitates cheering* 🤭 haaaaaaa!! 🤭 haaaaaa! Hurray Iam! He’s the greatest! Haaaaaaaa! 🥳”

Hym “What are you doing?” 😒

Iam 😳 “Nothing!”

Hym “Okay....” 😒
by Hym Iam November 1, 2022
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