To move slowly, deliberately, with the rationale of delaying the start of any task that you are less than enthused about.
There are those who Dawdle and those who Dwadle.
by Beth's Accomplice December 9, 2008
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To have sex with your “friends with benefit
He’s probably ditching us to dwadle with that Cindy girl he’s been hooking up with.
by SEF March 4, 2022
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A combination of Dawdle and waddle.

To deliberately walk slow, in a way that does not allow others around you to walk briskly or with any urgency.

When a group of people completely block a walkway without any regard for those around them, who have things to do and places to be.
High schoolers tend to dwadle in the hallways.

Stop Dwadling, move it!
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1. In the hole.

2. Inject.
3. After making a sex joke, or having sex, yell out dwadle.
Person A: Ughh, that was a rough night.
Person B: That's what she said!
Person C: Dwadle!
by LOLsmiles June 13, 2010
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