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General term for butt or vagina. This term is commonly used in the south-central and southeast US states.
Gal gone in there and worsh ya dute, you smell like ya need an autopsy.
by Mr. J.R. June 11, 2006
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Noun: A friend or homie, usually a negro or other male friend

Word originated from mispronunciation of word "dude"

Origin: Pennsylvania, 2010
Yo dute, hows it going?
by runners chub April 22, 2011
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Refers to anything you find awesome or extremly cool. Can also replace "dude" in a sentence.
That dute looks like David Hasselhoff, who is also very dute.


Thats a dute set of skins.

Your haircut is not so dute bro.
by A Day of Moments April 14, 2010
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