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is the New-Age Native Tongue, also know as The Hobbyshop Hero

The Super Emcee (Slash) Beat Fanatic (Producer) has been releasing music on a World wide scale since 1998.

He is 1/3 of the Underground hiphop Super group Equilibrium (Celph Titled, Majik Most & Dutchmassive) from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Released his debut solo album "Junk Planet" in 2004 on Freshchest Records & his Sophomore Lp titled "Crush Your System" on the world renown RAWKUS RECORDS in 2007

A Demigodz affiliate & one of the original member of the very exclusive Super Producer crew "Beat Fanatic" (SlopFunkDust, Illmind, M-phazes, Dela, Rik Marvel, Matt Naso, Rek-one (R.I.P.), Mekka don, Dutchmassive, Mo0, Jake-One, DJ Rhrettmatic, S1, DJ Roddy Rod, 9th Wonder, Spon, Dj Blenda, Kay of the Foundation, Dj Cozmos, etc

Dutchmassive is Defined by the Music he creates which can best be heard at his internet Treehouse Hideout a.k.a. Dutchmassive.Bandcamp(dot)com

Fun Fact: "Dutch" is Dutchmassive's Birth name

Dutchmassive - "Junk Planet" (1997-2002)

Dutchmassive - "Crush Your System"

Other Dutchmassive albums to look for:
+ Music 2 Sleep To...

+ Romanticizing

+ The DrumLove EP

+ Project: REACH

+ Quit Work Make Music

+ The NEXT Final Fantasy
by HalfManHalfAmazing November 05, 2010
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