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This is the weirdest shit ever! The word came to fame at the rise of the Alcor Life-Extension Foundation at the mid-90s.
Famous, rich people (Ted Williams the baseball player?), led the craze and others just followed lead now they are called 'Alcorians' as a collective noun to refer to this emerging class of 'cryonauts': the cryogenically-suspensed Alcor 'residents', who vary from cryo-sleeping 'corpsicles' frozen in 'dewars', filled with cryoprotectants alongside their friends and families (or the 'context'!), in a 'patient' care bay connected 24/7/365 to 'crackphones' that moniter fissures in their bodies all the time including special 'respirocycles' (artificial O2-breathing bloodcells pumped into their bodies at a regular basis!) and going through their first life-cycle (second re-freeze 'matrix' that replaces 60% of the water inside to turn their tissues into a glass-like liquidform)... and those who believe that one day science can be able to clone their bodies from 'neuropreserved' genetic material and who wish to be 'cephalically-isolated' (called 'neuros' in the jargon of Alcorians that use this neuroengineering technology occasionally) until 'reanimated'... to those who wish to be frozen while still alive in a process called 'vistasis'!

This 'utopian biotechnology' (also called 'paradise engineering'), has created an 'enhancement divide' between those 'terraformers' (unpreserved humans!) and the transhumanists who aspire for what they call 'morphological freedom' in these stainless steel vats.
We are face-to-face with this new 'biological fundamentalism' of 'self-evolution' that refer derogatorily to us Dustafarians by such Alcorians and Extropians as mere humans (mehums), or 'humies'!
The arties (AIs) in the future will look at us Dustafarians and laugh: they were the cryonicit's mad dream, but now they are the immortal enhants, RoboSapiens, the homorphs (human morphs), the neomorphs, ultra-humans, pseudohumans, the transhumans, the post-humans... the exes who 'transed' from mere flesh ,to the 'technorapture'.

One day, machines will overcome humans and enslave them in what scientists pre-describe as the point of 'Singualrity' or artificial emergence! (This really has already happened only in silico: 'network emergence' of Internet-based AI).
by hammer---;, hytham April 16, 2007
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