A person that is dumb, fun, irresponsible, but attractive.
I’m about to go bust theese dunnies
by Dez Cool May 26, 2021
"I need to go to the dunny."
"I jus' dropped a fat shit in the dunny."
by Diego September 9, 2003
Slang for "friend" or "homie"
What up dunny?

How's it goin' dunny?
by Pi-John September 29, 2005
Another word for coochie, vagina, pussy, etc
“My boy KPD is a dunnie scout
by Dep Drip February 18, 2021
A lovely girl who is worth fighting for. She is a keeper and a must have. A very fun individual and full of life. She makes a lot of friends but keeps some really close. Very funny and offers great advise. Also reads a lot and adds to her knowledge base. If unmarried, she is a miss independent lady and when married a virtuous woman.
A great friend, lover, daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend with a great personality. Everyone wants to be with and around her.
I want you Dunni....
Can I have a Dunni....
I love you Dunni....
by Roxy Anne March 19, 2017
Where's the dunny located?
by Edward H. Zumstein June 3, 2005