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A prison. You cant even piss without getting enema. Grand Larceny is committed everyday and the teachers are too stupid to catch them. Haha. I hate Dunloggin.
Dude1: Wanna steal some laptops?
Dude2: Ok dude... like the school will catch us.
Teacher1: Im gay?
The VP from down Under: My fingers are SMALL!

Mr Dubac: Thats not allowed. Um Yea Well im pretty sure that That isnt allowed. WEll i guesss you allowed. Im in deep S-H-I-T. Science!
by chris April 08, 2005
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it just sux here. we have tons of sucky teachers. we have an assistant principle who is a wildebeast, a spanish teacher who plays with dolls, a evil english teacher who has a giant mole and bald spot. and no matter what u do... u get caught
student: hey, we should write storys about frotgrub
student2: yeah sure, we just leave them anonymous and give them to people! how could we get caught

wildebeast: we found a binder the other day that had some rather disturbing messages on it. can you explain these?

spanish teacher: i like to play with myself and my dolls!

english teacher: BWAHAHAHAA
by B.A.C.K.H.A.I.R. May 08, 2005
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Rated 5 stars? if only. More like 1.5 stars! Teachers that acuse you of cutting class when, really, you were transferred. Teachers that assume your lying to them when you say that you have to go to the bathroom. Principal with a hairy mole. Teacher that doesn't let you go to the bathroom because you were late to class (on a day with no late bells). Really? Just because I was late, doesn't mean that I'm not capable of peeeing myself. Math teachers that laugh creepily and nonstop. English teachers that lose assignments.
Student: Why didn't I get my paper back like everyone else?

Teacher: I'm sorry, you never turned it on.

Student: Yes, I did!

Teacher: Would you like to go speak to the principal?

Student: Can u atleast check?!

Teacher: (walks over to desk) Oh, here it is. Now class......

^Stupid Dunloggin Middle School^
by nerd #1 January 20, 2011
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Yo. This school sucks. I agree wit CHRISTIAN TERLYCY up there. He was da one who stole the laptops and got Dan suspended.
Wow. what a lame school dude.
by Aaron M May 07, 2005
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