Similar to tool but these people aren't necessarily bad, there just kind of like zombies because they act like everyone else, and have simply no personality, or can be talked to for 2 minutes straight.


Used to describe something that just does not work at all.
George - "where did John go?"
Billy - "I don't know, he's kind of a dudd, he never says anything, and he kinda dresses like me..."

Guy 1 - "yo that Honda you gave me is such dudd. It doesn't even have an engine dude..."
Guy 2 - "don't call my shit dudd!!"
by Coherent2788 May 19, 2013
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Defective, the one in a bunch that doesn't work
That cellphone is a dudd
by amandaleebee September 01, 2010
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Large, pendulous and often mountainous breasts, that would effortlessly catch the eye of any on-looker whether it be in admiration or shock.
Assume Geordie accent; "Why ay man.... look at them MILKY SWINGIN' DUDDS!!!!!".
by Lorenzo Davenport February 17, 2006
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Two or one person making love and during the course of love making poops in ones hand and put it inside the others belly button.
We were in the middle of sex and he randomly milk dudd’s me. Milk dudd
by Hubmasterflex January 25, 2021
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