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Dubarry shoes are brand of shoe made in Ireland. It is worn by sailors and D4s (posh dubliners). It comes in the colours navy, brown, pink, marron & navy and green & navy.
You either hate this shoe or love it. They go with anything, or they go with nothing.
The more worn and used looking the better. They cost €100

Lyk omg yur dubarry shoes are ledj did u run over them in a car?
Loike omg i so did and dey tot cost €100 !!
by MO & LME August 31, 2006
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Tall leather wellington boots with Gore-Tex inner manufactured by the same Irish company who make dubes deck shoes. The Dubarry's (leather wellingtons) are more prevelant in the UK than in Ireland and while still a status symbol and commonly worn by sloane Rangers these boots are also widely worn by real country folk, horse people and even some chavs.
Sloan Ranger usage: Darling, did I leave my Dubarry's in the back of your Range Rover, there's a puddle outside Oriels?

Common Coloq Usage (UK): Where the f***k's me Duubries - it's pissing cats and dogs out ere and there's mud up to me fanny!
by lisa_urban May 16, 2008
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A very French last name that will get made fun of in junior high regardless of it's provincial nature and weight in history. Most famous for it's ties to Madame Du Barry (19 August 1743 – 8 December 1793.) Literally translating to "of Barry," or "Barry Troglodyte Village - Provence Beyond French Riviera." If you have this last name, good luck!
"DuBarry? What!? Bluebarry? Haha! DodoBarry more like it!"
by Bluebarry February 06, 2015
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