1. Temperature: When it is hot outside, but the humidity is low, so the air can cool the body down. Conversely, when the humidity is high, the air cannot cool the body and absorb sweat, as the air is already saturated. This can make a 75 degree day feel closer to 80 degrees.

2. Cooking: Cooking food directly in heat, as opposed to using moisture. Some dry-cooking methods include roasting, broiling or sautéing.
1. Emeal: "It's 80 degrees out today, but it feels nice."

Tab: "That's because it's a dry heat so the breeze is cooling us down."

2. Emeal: "I'm going to steam this broccoli for dinner."

Tab: "The recipe says we need to cook it with a dry heat, so how about sautéing it instead?"
by Jeenyus86 May 19, 2013
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