A person, pre-dominantly a college or university student, who chooses to purchase alcohol rather than food.
Alex only had 20 dollars in her bank account so she chose to be drunkorexic for the weekend
by Collegelife101 April 15, 2010
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Non-medical term used to characterize calorie counters who starve themselves or purge their food but still drink alcohol. It tends to affect female college students who try to lose or maintain their weight, but still party with alcohol
Sandi and I are aspiring drunkorexics. We eat, and then throw up...but drink all the booze we want!
by sammachine March 31, 2008
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A term to describe most attractive females who enjoy inexpensive nights out and looking good.
They do this by replacing food with alcoholic drinks not only to avoid putting on weight but to get drunk quicker.
Duff's have been successful in avoiding this label for many years now.
Hot Chick: Are you going to eat that before we go out?

Duff: Of course, I love food.

Hot Chick: So do I but I like getting all the attention even more!

Duff: Omg, you are so drunkorexic! Could you pass the salt?
by RusselT March 19, 2008
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Following a cocktail diet through out the day
Whats wrong with being drunkorexic, at least you fill your body with liquid not greasy mcdonalds and taco bells
by Nihan October 15, 2008
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