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A messy and common condition often experienced by intoxicated women. It is more typically known for it's abbreviated name, "DBS".
Symptoms include:
- persistent vomiting
- highly increased vocal volume (keep your distance, it's painful to the ears)
- relentless in attempting to prove their "points", which make absolutely no sense.
- Spending large amounts of money on alcohol for others
- Vigorous swaying, often into the wake of oncoming traffic.
- Uncontrollable diarrhea (don't let this person borrow your pants)
- No matter how supportive their bra, their nipples will be out for the majority of the evening.
"That girl is really suffering from DBS (Drunk Bitch Syndrome) tonight...Her tits are all over the place."
by Ivana Popseekle December 12, 2009
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