A mobile phone often used by drug dealers because it is cheap, easy to replace and it doesn't attract unnecessary attention to the owner.

Phones such as the Nokia bricks, Samsungs and Alcatel are all regularly used by drug dealers.
Ben gets his nokia 3310 out and sends a text. Andy approaches him.

Andy: Can I get a quarter ounce?
Ben: A quarter ounce What?
Andy: Some weed

Ben: I don't sell drugs.

Andy: But your phone.

Ben: What about it?
Andy: It's a drug dealer's phone.

Ben: What!
Andy: Yeah, only drug dealers use old crappy phones.

Ben: Screw you it's retro!
Andy: Listen man can I please get high.

Ben: I'm not a drug dealer!
Andy: Okay. Do you know anybody?
Ben: Yeah I know a guy.
by Sieffy October 30, 2016
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a shitty 90s phone that drug dealers use not to get tracked
dealer: you ready for the heroin?
me: your on your drug dealer phone right?
by ramen..boyyt September 21, 2021
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