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Formerly the war-like people of Nagarythe in the elven kingdom of Ulthuan. The heir to the throne, Malekith, was a decendent of the Nagarythe, and was deemed to destructive and war-like to take the place of ruler in the peaceful time that the elves wished for.
He stepped aside and let another take his rightful place; but over the years Malekith plotted and made dark pacts with the forces of Chaos with the help of his mother Morathi. The plots and schemes can to a cresendo when Malekith accused the present king to be an agent of Chaos.
The land was set by waves of confusion and in this sea Malekith unleashed his personal army of loyal supporters.
This is known as 'The Sundering'.
War raged on for hundreds of years but Malekith and his forces could not best the opposing armies. He decided to unravel the magic vortex that kept the tides of Chaos at bay in an attempt to bend it to his will.
The plan failed and the kingdom of Nagarythe was crushed under titantic waves.
His dark sorceries did manage to keep the citadels of his kingdom afloat above the oceans and made good his escape.
The citadels came to rest on the islands of Naggaroth and here Malekith and the elves loyal to him endlessly plan the demise of those who turned their back on him and denied him his rightful throne.

Druchii or Dark Elves are a cruel and sadistic race, hell bend on revenge and spilling blood. They worship Khaine, the god of murder and make thousands of sacrifices a year to his name.

Their main source of income comes from raids all over the Old World, stealing gold, livestock, magical items and above all, slaves.

It is said that there is no fate worst than to be taken alive by the Dark Elves.
Druchii are tall and slender with dark eyes and black hair; their faces convey little expression other than hate and anger.
They regard all other races merely as cattle.
by Whoseamafudge September 09, 2009
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