verb (drouts: droutses, droutsed, droutsing)

The act of investigating thrown-away containers or wrappers from a trash receptacle with the hope of finding some leftover crumbs or food remains.
"I hadn't eaten any breakfast, so when I found I was sitting next to the trash can with Doritos and Sun Chips wrappers at the top, I couldn't help but to drouts."
by P'tainz October 7, 2010
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a period in a man's life were he is getting zero pussy
dave has gone 7 weeks without hooking up with a girl drout
by moisesgutie January 3, 2011
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When you are binge watching Youtube videos and even though there are billions of videos on Youtube you come to a sudden stop. You can't find any other videos you want to watch and resort to watching Netflix.
Man, last night I had a major Tube drout. I was looking for a good 5 minutes and could find nothing.
by IconLivin January 28, 2018
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