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A person that exhibits the traits and characteristics of a drone-like zombie, e.g., no situational awareness, inability to rationally think on their own, commonly found tethered to a smartphone, breathes through the mouth.
"Have you seen Wrigley, he's become such a drombie lately."
by ZenCommando August 19, 2019
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Zombie movie that’s basically a dramatic ass drama. Usually involving some underlying or overlying Romantic plot
Guy :Dude this movies a freaking drombie
Guy 2: no it’s not, it’s just about creating a new world
Guy : my man, the dude lost his virginity and is trying to find the “love of his life” during the zombie apocalypse.
Guy 2: yeah you’re right, totally not invested in the emotional side at all.
by CBillz8 October 29, 2019
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