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A 'drogan' relates to the terms bogan, derro and drongo. A drogan is of the lowest standards and is someone who is poor, has no fashion sense and is a complete dumbass. You might use it to describe someone who you think should have been shot when they were born.
All of the house mates in the Australian Big Brother series are complete drogans.
by otby22 November 10, 2007
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Guys with dodgy hair growing randomly on their bodies. Typically they migrate once in a lifetime from rainy cities in the lower half of the globe to cities on the east coast of the USA. Cities with two names starting with N and Y. They end up working for droga5 and eating worms.
Relieved ex co-worker:"It doesn't smell so bad round here no more?"

Another relieved ex co-worker: "The drogans just bailed"

Not so relieved CD: "Did they leave any awards?"
by Momma Bear April 12, 2007
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