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A term best used to describe a position for anyone who works in the automotive field. This usually refers to getting screwed over by every single person that the individual comes in contact with, usually insurance companies, customers, manufacturers, bosses, owners, bums, credit criminals, scumbags, dirtbags, hosebags, and all around bags. The professional auto tech usually requires an average of 12 beers just to calm down after a long day of getting long dicked, his boss is probably dead from suicide, and his co workers are usualy miserable because they too have been ass fucked so hard that a dinner plate can easily be inserted into the anus without actually touching the sphincter. Most of these unfortunate individuals are well on their way to the insane asylum, so have some pity on them. Remember when you go to your local auto dealer to get your fucking rat fixed, you are probably the asshole that caused all this misery, so lighten up on the poor bastards. One day, one of them may go off the deep end and just fuckin' pop you one in the cocksucker.
Goddammit!!! Johnny just spent all day workin' on that piece of crap and didn't even make enough money to pay for his lunch. He got driveshafted!!
by ernieg1 November 30, 2007
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