A excited young lady who requires a driptray to contain her excitement in the nether region.
She was so keen I was slipping all over the shop, she was a complete driptray.
by Dr Awon August 30, 2005
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- After male orgasm, you gently tap your penis into the lower jaw of a girl with an underbite while her mouth is open and remove and wipe excess sperm” .
Example: β€œyeah dude she’s hot, but she’s got a big ass drip tray”

Example: β€œ man I came in her mouth and she held it in her underbite like a drip tray”
by MaceDestroyer July 18, 2018
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1. Device employed in public houses to catch spillage from pouring draught beers.

2. The gusset of a lady's knickers. Designed to catch fanny batter.
"Here, ah wis at that Dominic Kirwan concert last night. Ma drip-tray wis pure wringin'"
by ThisIsGeneva April 27, 2007
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