To contemplate a decision using excessive livations as a booster.
My boss wants me to work more hours for less pay. I need to drink about it before I can give him an answer.

by Tracey Hartung August 17, 2007
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Sage advice for when something shitty happens or when someone is whining about something.

Similar to "cry about it," but applicable to more situations.
Gerardo: Oh man. Gas prices are so high I can barely afford to refill the lotion at my fap station.

You: Drink about it.
by illunatic May 11, 2010
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Something you talk about doing after hours of drinking that has NO chance of actually happening and is ALWAYS intended for "tomorrow."
"I'm drinking about going golfing at 6am, right after I clean out my gutters."

"I'm drinking about changing my life and getting a job, man." slurring drunk

"I'm drinking about making Tina my girlfriend. I know she has a snaggletooth but it's the least I can do for tossing my salad."

(Bro 1) "You should go over there and bang that chick... " (Bro 2) "Yea, I'm drinking about whipping my dick out so she can totally go down on me, bro."
by broski75 November 12, 2012
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