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A girl that is only hott when you are drunk
a) "BRO, did you see that hott babe I hooked up with last night at Sig Ep!?"
"WTF dude!? She was such a drimble!"

b)Drunk Guy: "Hey girl, you are such a drimble"
Girl:"Whats that?"
Drunk Guy: Dont worry bout it baby come give me some dome."

c) "I'm about to facebook that hot bitch from the party last night that I met when I was wasted."
10 seconds later..
"FUCKKKKKKKK!!! She is such a fuckin drimble! Fuck this shit!"
by Johnnyboy814 September 05, 2010
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A female who is normally not attractive, however, once under the influence of alcohol, becomes extremely desirable.
a) Drunk Guy: Bro, I just hooked!
Friend: Nice! Who with?
Drunk Guy: That biddie right there.
Friend: Oooh, total drimble my man.

b) Last night I was so drunk. I was drimblin all over the place.

c) I thought she was hot, but once I facebooked her in the morning when I was sober... such a drimble.
by Hook City September 06, 2010
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