To drive down the wrong side of a median to avoid making a U turn. The name wheep derives from the sound the tires make while the wheep is in progress.
Lets go to the liquor store. wheeeepppp! And now we're totally wheeping!!
by gasgasracer March 6, 2009
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the act of pissing in ones bathroom sink
hey guys i gotta wheeps!!
by wheepman September 3, 2009
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peeps made using whole grains instead of marshmallow, for the health conscious
i ate wheeps today, thats healthy, right?
by Friend to plants May 2, 2010
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A small build up of air escaping from ones anus underwater, especially in the bath or a swimming pool
When i swam 20 lenghts i wheep-plop farted 5 times
by Coopie June 16, 2005
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A phrase used when calling out a feeling of joy, that can come upon you when you reach a state of euphoria.
Eve: I just won apple lotto!!!
by Ode To Joy May 15, 2010
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When you roleplay roblox and see a girl.
by iamnotanoder February 25, 2019
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