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A Dreadneck is NOT a Wigger nor are they hateful. Dreadnecks are similar to Deadnecks (Greatful Dead following Rednecks) except that they're more like Rastas. They smoke herb, and are nice towards all people, One Love. They're Southern Country boys who live by the Golden Rule and are turned Hippie. Their girlfriend is probably a vegetarian but they live for deer season and can hit a 8-point buck from 50-yards.
Aw man, I bet that bluegrass festival was full of white trash and rednecks.

Actually it was great, I took a bunch of mushrooms with a couple dreadnecks and we stayed up all night drinking High Life, square dancing, and skinny dipping, then homeboy busted out his Guitar and played Take It Easy on the back of his F350
by VWWV March 08, 2011
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Half Rasta half redneck. Updated version of the WASPafarian. Loves all heterosexual godfearing people but hates gays.
I'm a Born-Again Dreadneck with no apology, yo. Is the fuckin' Peter Pirates done drove the rent up and all the families gotta move out.
by DreadneckofDreadnecks December 15, 2004
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Retarded white kid who thinks he is a rapper but is racist towards black people, jews, hispanics. and all races except American Caucasian Wigger.
Wow, that kid down the street is a complete dreadneck, he acts like a rapper but he is a complete asshole racist!
by Joey Fugnugget December 27, 2010
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