The act of one being unreasonable, and/or making the company of the person uncalled for, and unbearable.

(Popular in the Philadelphia area)
(Present Tense)
"Man this nigga drunk out his mind and, the girls won't come near him, that nigga drawling"

(Past Tense)
"Yesterday that nigga drawled when he ate the last slice of pizza"
by P-doX October 28, 2007
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Why u drawlin'?
He was drawlin!
by ThickyNikki July 11, 2005
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Unrelated to the verb "to draw," a drawl (noun) is a characteristic of speech. It is produced by lengthening vowel sounds, and is most commonly heard in southern or western American dialects. Drawl can also be used as a verb: drawl, drawls, drawled, drawling.
Cowboys in movies always speak with a drawl. A lot of people think all southerners drawl, too.
by Romula March 29, 2004
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when a person acts in an excessive manner
The party was cool until them niggas from North Philly started drawling
by Prezzie July 17, 2006
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Underwear...boxers, briefs, panties,, etc.
So check it out - ladies, not gentlemen
Drop your drawls, come and sit
And let's get into this yeah ..
NWA - Findum, Fuckum & Flee
by hazbro January 1, 2007
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To be extremely annoying or unfavorable.

A slang word around Philadelphia.

Used like "sucks" (that sucks: that drawls)
Dude the concert got canceled, that drawls.
by Thephillykid June 5, 2016
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