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1. Someone that creates a scene or has an emotional meltdown that ends in career suicide at work.

2. Person that gets drunk and starts a fight with workers or bouncers that gets them kicked out of a public place like a club or bar.

Derived from combining someone that creates drama (drama queen) and someone that commits suicide in some way (kamikaze)
Worker 1: "I just went over to accounting and Bill's desk was empty."

Worker 2: "When you were on vacation last week, he went crazy and started screaming at the CFO. The dude went totally dramakaze. Security escorted him out of the building an hour later."

Worker 1: "Sounds like I picked the wrong week to go on vacation!"
by Tommy the Rat August 27, 2009
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dra ma ka ze
dra ma kah zee
1. (during our modern times) a member of a special
corps in the dramatic end of the social spectrum charged with the suicidal mission of crashing into any social gathering laden withdrama bombs with the soul intent of disrupting normal persons lives with the assult of massive amounts of drama.
2.a delivery device used for this purpose.
3. a person or thing that behaves in a wildly reckless or dramatic manner
4. of , pertaining to,undertaken by, or charactaristics of a dramakaze: dramakaze pilot or attack of.
the dramakaze queen crashed into the gathering unleashing all her drama filled baggage on the assken in us all
by jizzassken April 12, 2011
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