When someone's outfit looks out of style or un-cool
Damn gabi you need to change that outfit because girl you look draggged .
by Superwomen128 August 24, 2017
To do what you want how you not worrying about how anyone feels about it.
" Yo you work today ? "
"Yeah man I hate it, they try tell me what to do I just dragg on them"
by 410_Marty July 12, 2017
The sorry state one feels of being labeled as a town, or small city outcast.
Poor Thomas must be having a fort dragg day, due to his inability to take a hint and awkward behaviors of looking and checking every and any girl out he inevitably hermeted himself from any healthy female friendship.
by crakenberry June 28, 2017
it means trying to express your lazy feelings through a word
hey brah how ya feelin???

its such a dragg
by Timothy L Fanai March 11, 2018
Dragg mean that your talking to someone else’s while in a relationship
Aye dummy I just dragged on the lil yea ya fill me 😂
by Lorseven123 March 22, 2021