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Usually a girl, can be a boy. typically, a name of african decent.

a good looking, hot chic. great sense of fashion, cute smile and great sense of humor.
I am feeling that Doyin chic
by dodogurl05 October 26, 2010
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Doyin is usually a Nigerian girl and "Doyin" probably is not her full name. Normally gorgeous and has an amazing smile. Extremely talented. She seems shy and nice on the outside but once you get to no her you see a lot of good and bad sides about her. She has an attitude sometimes but it's funny. She always gets caught up in her thoughts and things she regrets so she will be moody at times. She struggles with her confidence, but is also really open around people she is comfortable with. She is veryyyyyy funny you will always have a good time around her. She is bold when she feels like it. She is an amazing friend and girlfriend. Just absolutely beautiful and kind she is very driven to do things when she feels supported and comfortable she is shy with new people. She's a good person that you wouldn't want to lose so you're lucky if you have one in your life.

She has a nice body and it gets better as she grows older. She has a stunning natural beauty she is incredibly smart and athletic. She is a little slow at times but it is funny, she's super friendly and strategic.
Wow,I love Doyin she is so funny.
by antfl May 11, 2019
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A interesting girl, someone who is very nice to her friends. Has a tendency to let out her anger on her best friend and hurts her feelings every other day or so. Will listen to what you have to say and will help you with your problems. Gets hyper occasionally...but has serious mood swings. A fun girl to be around and a total babe (:

Doyin is very violent and likes physical contact. Likes to make funny faces at people and creep them out.

She will have huge ass boobs like shiid.
I adore Doyin.
by tatortotsss November 13, 2010
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