A quiet, shy boy who likes to play drums. He’s slow to open up but once you get to know him he’s a very interesting person, and is very much on the witty side. He comes up with jokes you’d never think of and is an overall fun person to be around. He’s lovable, sweet, timid, funny and talented. Anyone who knows him is happy to have him in their life.
Hello my name is Yoon Dowoon, I like drum, I love drum, yes I am drum”
by DAY6sKoala February 01, 2018
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Yoon dowoon is a member of the kpop boy band, day6. Is dowoon the cutest boy in the world? Yes. He is the drummer of the group. He is also currently learning how to sing. The fluffiest, cutest boy of all time.
by Aroha May 21, 2018
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Hello, mine name is Yoon Dowoon. I like drum, I love drum, yes. I am... I am Drum.
by BabyDrum September 12, 2020
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Amazing tiktoker @dowooning who cries over dowoon and her other bias, she makes edits and concerning content but is not afraid to protect you and cares for you deeplt
dowooning is the most weirdest tiktoker I've seen on my fyp
by doyoungs 27th tooth December 29, 2020
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