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Someone used my name for the one above this.
I did not write any of this shit.
who is using my name in this sentence. Downey High School is actually Awesome.
by Kenji the Nagasaki Great. November 21, 2010
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I attend Downey High School and wow where do I begin.

1.Background: Shit load of mexicans and wannab gangsters everywhere. 3 sections of Downey Rich, Middle and Ghetto. Everywhere around Sussman Middle School is ghetto, multiple black and mexican ghettos and residences appear all around this area. If walk around there with an ipod or electronic device, might as well kiss it goodbye. People get mugged and raped all the time around south Downey. North Downey has all the rich and snobbish white and azn residences. Sadly there is multiple rivalries between all the ethnic groups. The schools of South Downey hav no money in their skool system while the nicer part of East Middle School and Griffiths hav 100's of thousands of extra dollars just sitting in their bank accounts. These thousands are spent in makin new skool buildings and new this and that and school dance #5 of the week and new everything. While these things are happening all these middle-rich classes are driving their nice benz and hybrids and show off their shit. The sterotypes and rascism goes on and on.

2. DHS (Downey High School):The ghetto-ist wealthy school ever. First the racsism: People hate each other and talk shit about everyone. Mexican this and beaner that, dont cross the border, azn slanted eye, go make me a computer, do my fukin hw, white gringos , rich ass, lets go to this albinos, 10 story manshion, nigga this, jerkin, dances, pik up my cotton, who taught u how 2 read.

This is the typical day at DHS. Its gettin better but the mexican community is just gettin worse. 20 fights one week, stupid cholos and cholitas all think they're all hard ass shit spittin beef, hoes and sluts.

3. Clicks: Preps, metalheads and emos, jocks, beaners, asians, hores and skanks, cheerleaders, track stars, potheaded skaters, and more mexican groups. They all keep in their own area, always the mexican groups are gettin at it, jocks and track guys dont get along, Preps concieted and snobbish, cheerleaders slutty but hott and promiscuous always wearin exposive skank clothes, blacks intimidatin always jerkin and listenin to rap, skaters skate and get in trouble with cops, always shit is happenin between one click or another.

4. Drugs, sex and parties: All the people are usin pot and sometimes coke. Preppy parties always hav the cheerleaders and jocks, always alcohol, sum1 gettin knocked up, cryin, drama. HOW FUNN!

5.School: Nice campus, some cool teachers, others just bitch bout everythin, buildin new buildings yet our prom is held at a millitary base. WOW NICE! and couples (sumtimes not even couples) always makin out every corner, breakups every 20 minutes, relationships last 1 week max. Drug dealers everywhere, pills here, weed there and coke here. Sex is widely accepted and well education who the fuk cares.

6. Stupid asses: That refers to all the dumb asses who think that they are all hard and yet can't fight. Mostly mexicans but many other ethnics groups are closely followin suit. They think they'll get a billion dollars with their amazin 0.5gpas and 20 referals 10,000 hrs of community service etc. U get the point.

7. People: Finally get on with all this. This is where everyone is either rich or dirt poor, racist or conservative, bitchy or snobby. The rich ass spoiled children drive around in their benz and smoke weed with sum skank they picked up and then they get knocked up and bam theirs a child. Then they go to some party get drunk and then get killed in some car crash they caused. Slutty chiks always having bitch fits and talkin shit bout everythin, when their jock bf dumps em, end of the world, textin 24/7 on their brand new psykick #67 cuz i broke my last one so i got a new one.

The broke ass blaks and mexicans always goin to the swap meets and sellin their bootleg DVD's or go stealin sum stuff at the store or bikes lyin around and then using the money on weed. Cheerleaders look nice and all outside but they b talkin shit behind u in a moments notice.
My advice: steer clear unless ur neutral. There is no way u can survive or pass this school with out sumthin stupid happenin and sum1 ends up hurt or scarred for life. Yet this is the people I grew up with, the city I first saw as a small innocent kindergartner then graduated with honors and multiple gfs in middle skool, partied as a freshman. At different times in my life i wanted to move to like Beverly Hills or Cerritos anywhere but Downey but now I think about it I cant b livin anywhere else as no where is perfect and this place certainly isnt close but still it's my hometown and always will b the D-Town i grew up and became aquainted with and loved and became part of the streets. This is Downey.
White teen: Look at those beaners and their disgusting Swap Meets.
White teen 2: Yea nasty, lets go drive in my benz then go party.

Cholitas: O look at this bitch.
Slut: Fuk u hoe i did ur bf
C: O no u didnt
Catfight ensues.

Whites: Sex is tight!
Mexicans: Hell yea!
Azns: Abstinence gets u success.
Mexicans and blaks: Wtf does that mean?
Azns: This is y u'll b workin at macdonalds or sellin oranges on the freeway
Whites: O shit lets roll partay time!

Bell gardens dude:Downey High School is nice it has its own track and weight room.
Downey dude: STFU and go home, u aint kno shit foo!
by Kenji aka Nagasaki Lopez May 04, 2009
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