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At the bar Steve raised his glass, made a toast, and did a down in one.
chugging drinking
by Scpeck May 25, 2013
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a phrase, chanted repeatedly, when you want someone to finish their drink in one gulp.
man 1: dude, we gotta hurry or we'll miss the game!
man 2: just let me finish my drink, okay?
man 1: down in one! down in one!
by parlejeudi July 09, 2009
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The beginning of counting down for someone to chug their beer, or drink they must drink. And if the whole thing is sung and they haven't finished their drink then they don't deserve to be at your party.
(The full P.C. phrase: Down in One! , Down in One, Down in One, Down in Two, Down in Two, Down in Two, Down in Three, Down in Three, Down in Three, Down in Four ... You're a Bore, Why are we waiting we could be masterb*ting, Drink MF, Drink MF Drink!)
Drunk Party People: *Playing Kings Cup*
Very Drunk Bro: *Gets stacked* Damn it, I lost.
Everyone else: Down in One!...
Very Drunk Bro: *Finishes by Two*
Me: Well that's what you get for standing to the left of me.
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by Investigate311#BirdUp April 18, 2019
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